Soul Breakthrough

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Soul Breakthrough

July 17 through August 7th

Every Wednesday night from 6:30 to 9:00

Vineyard Community Church Sanctuary

27632 El Lazo, Laguna Niguel

Calif, 92677



13 reviews for Soul Breakthrough

  1. Cheryl Thomas-Singer/Songwriter

    Soul breakthrough is an amazing God ordained program that will help you to exercise your freedom in the Lord! You will move forward by practice in your response and beliefs by turning to the Lord to get past the obstacles and old ways of responding. Freedom is yours to fulfill God’s dream for your life!

  2. Terrie

    I am so impressed with the material for this class! And you are right I need to be there exactly where I am! I also think you are right about the more….God has been talking to me about the more and it astonishes me after all this time. This truly is a new season!!

  3. Robin

    I was going through the fire-tunnel I heard the Lord say, “I’m not holding back, receive it all!” Going through all I could say is Yes Jesus!!! When I got out I was jumping up & down, spinning round & round with joy!

    Needless to say I was having a really rough time. Fatigue, weakness, nausea & vomiting (which I had never done before) I was living in survival mode just handling the absolutely necessary things. Even the Sunday before your class I left church just before it started due to fatigue & weakness. So the day after the final Soul Breakthrough class I was tired, but felt really joyful, & had energy. Friday was I even better & by Saturday I knew I was healed, I had energy all day, and was not feeling sick at all!!!

  4. Steve Albright

    wow the 4 reviews are uplifting and express a sense of freedom love and bold faith! THANK You Lord! Leaving the old ways, embracing the Lord, Holy Spirit breaking through the soul to release His Love Power and Glory
    “These are the sounds of the Kingdom” ;–)

  5. Diane Millar

    Going through Soul Breakthrough has prompted me to invite the Holy Spirit to change my “old ways of thinking” by lifting my hands up towards Heaven and inviting the Holy Spirit to renew my mind. I then invite the Lord into my mind and my heart to help me think as He would. My heart’s desire is to see through the Lord’s eyes so my heart can change and become more like Him. This class has been motivating and inspiring. Tricia is an amazing teacher. I have been blessed by Soul Breakthrough.

  6. JoAnn Lickel

    Soul Breakthrough helped me first of all establish a more intimate, ongoing connection with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The major issue in my life was over-reaction to someone in my life who often seemed to trigger my pain and the worst in me. Turning to Daddy God, raising my arms in surrender and asking Him to fill me made all the difference! I soon found myself reacting differently; love started to flow and compassion as I began to see the other person through the merciful, loving eyes of a Loving Father and His beautiful Son, Jesus. The Comforter was also able to bring me peace! It has continued to help me grow and feel more deeply embraced by the love of the Father, Jesus and the guidance and comfort of the Holy Spirit!

  7. Terrie Kouns

    I was diagnosed with MS several years ago requiring frequent M.R.I.s of my brain. My head needs to be secured down with a cage-like device. Being claustrophobic I always have I.V. medication administered to get me through the procedure.
    The very first Soul Breakthrough class Tricia did I decided to attend, which proved to be life changing for me! Right after the class, I was scheduled for an M.R.I. but the test had been mistakenly set on a day that the doctor was not there to administer medication. In a state of panic I got in my car and began to drive. Doing what I had learned in class, I spoke in tongues at every light and threw my hands up proclaiming, “Father God consume me! Fill every part of me, let every cell in my body be filled with Your presence, with Your peace!” The light would change and I would do it all over again. When I walked into my appointment, I was strangely aware that I felt settled, at peace. The panic seemed gone! I looked into the room at the M.R.I. machine-I WAS STILL AT PEACE! Even as they placed the cage-like device over my head I remained in PEACE! Throughout the test I remained at rest with God. This was a truly defining moment for me, the panic was gone. But the most profound part is that this peaceful victory has remained with me during every M.R.I. since.

  8. Jeanne M.

    On a cold and rainy night in 1989, I went out to get my mail at midnight and slipped on the wet stairs, taking a flying leap and landing full-body on my back on the cement. The injuries I incurred were devastating. Brain damage, whiplash, a concussion that went up from the back of my neck into my brain, back/neck/nerve damage, left knee and foot, which brought on the prognosis that I would never walk again. I wore a neck brace, walked using crutches, and was in a wheelchair. After attending the Thursday morning healing services at Melodyland Christian Center for 7 months, God healed me. On that day, I walked on my crutches and walked out holding my crutches!

    After the physical healing, I continued suffering from a form of PTSD due to the trauma. I didn’t realize how pervasive it was until I was healed in the Soul Breakthrough class. The healing prayers of the small group that prayed for me supported what Holy Spirit was doing in my brain and emotions. After 30 years of pain, grief and trauma, worry and anxiety, I was healed! Many other issues and problems have been tied to that fall, and last night, I was set free. Tears of gratitude are falling down my cheeks as I write this. I asked God, “Why did this healing take place last night after 30 years? He responded, “I knew I was welcome there.” Thank you for creating a place where my Best Friend feels welcome.

  9. Amy Wickstrom

    I want to share the deliverance I received from the Lord during Soul Breakthrough 2018. To understand the significance of it, you first have to understand the hell I went through a few years prior.

    For three and a half to four years, I suffered from severe insomnia. It began when my second child was 5.5 months old and began sleeping at night. I expected to start getting some sleep myself, but I couldn’t fall asleep at night. It progressed over the months, getting worse and worse. Over the next few years, I got around 3 or 4 hours of sleep each night and was unable to fall asleep and seldom did so before 3 am. Once asleep, the sleep I got was tortuous.

    I had two small children and I was living on fumes. I would often ask my husband to pray for me at night, and I’d lay on the couch when everyone was sleeping and listen to worship music. I often dreaded the day ahead because of sheer exhaustion. I could no longer function, but it would not relent and it seemed there was nothing I could do to stop it.

    I saw doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, and other professionals. They would diagnose and treat me effectively for a few weeks and then their treatments stopped working. I tried having a drink of wine, doing yoga, prayer or anything else that could help me fall asleep. I even worked with a prayer counselor who, though well-meaning, suggested I was in sin over something because God gives sleep to those he loves (Psalm 127:2).

    Night time became terror for me. I remember one time I awoke in the middle of the night to my leg literally being lifted off the bed by an invisible presence as I rolled over. I was terrified and lay frozen. On one occasion when my husband was fasting for me, he saw a demon locked up in a cage at the foot of our bed who was tormenting me. He also saw two angels in our room monitoring the demon.

    I have been a Christian since I was in elementary school, and I’ve walked closely with Him since my conversion, but nothing became more important to me during this time of torment than hearing the voice of God. I cried out to the Lord to hear Him, and I wanted to know His voice. I got to the point in my suffering where I surrendered myself to this condition (insomnia) and knew God could deliver me from it, but I also knew He may choose not to. I “died” in that place… many times.

    After about three years, the Holy Spirit led me to Galatians 3:3, where He suggested my insomnia was Spirit-led and would stop at His appointed time. He later spoke to me at Forest Home Christian Camp through Luke 8:48 (“Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”), where He impressed upon me that I would be healed because of my faith. I felt like Abraham, who knew he had received a promise from God but was not living in its fulfillment yet. I was also very afraid that I may have heard God’s voice wrong, and to spare myself of the disappointment of the promise going unfulfilled, I struggled to fully believe the words He had spoken that I would be healed.

    One night Jesus spoke to me and He gave me Psalm 118:18 (“The Lord has chastened me severely, but he has not given me over to death”). I knew in that moment that God had allowed me to suffer with this sleep disorder for some kind of gain. That evening God also allowed me to experience His love in a way I had never before, and I felt intimately close to Him. I believed He was going to remove the torment from me, though my faith was small because my suffering at that time was still so great.

    During this time, He also revealed that I would suffer from what I called my “sleep disorder” for three and a half to four years. I did the math to figure out when 3.75 years would be complete. It would be the end of May, 2015. One night I felt God asked me to stay up all night and that the glory of the Lord would pass by. My spirit was so worn by sleep loss and hope deferred that I chose to go to bed in the wee hours of the morning. I awoke the next day and apologized to the Lord for going to sleep when He had promised something so beautiful, and I asked Him for a second chance. He ministered to me that day with the story of Abraham falling into a deep sleep and the Lords presence passing by him as he slept (Gen. 15: 12, 17). The following night I promised I would stay up all night, and I did. I felt a calm presence sweep my living room that night around 4 am, and there was a mysterious light in the creek behind my house. My husband woke up and we prayed together, and then I went to sleep. My sleep disorder was broken that night, and I was delivered.
    In the days ahead, the Lord told me my sleep disorder would never happen to me again. It was over forever.

    Though my sleep disorder was gone, my fear was not. I had become so afraid of falling asleep. I slept with ear plugs, sound makers, etc, and I was often afraid of not being able to fall asleep. If something interfered with my sleep, or if I had a difficult night sleeping for some reason, my heart would start racing and I would become highly anxious and fearful. This fear became part of my daily life, so much that I couldn’t really imagine my life with freedom from it.

    One night last summer (2018), the Lord impressed upon me that He wanted to heal me from my fear of sleep. This came out of nowhere. I couldn’t imagine such a thing, but I knew Soul Breakthrough was starting about a week later and wondered if maybe He was going to use it to heal me. The oppression began as soon as the class started, and heightened each week until the end. I began to feel I was drowning in fear and difficulty at night. By the last week of the class, I had experienced several nights of horrible sleep and my fears were through the roof. However, in the class meetings, the Holy Spirit continued to minister to me in such obvious ways. The spirit of fear was called out, as well as PTSD and difficulties at night. Each week He met with me.

    I felt as though the Lord would have to carry me across the finish line of the class, and He did. The last day of the class came and went, and I noticed my fear had lifted. Indeed, I was free from fear at night. I was too nervous to say anything aloud to anyone, so I quietly waited a few weeks until I was confident it was really truly gone. Weeks passed, and my fear is gone!

    I don’t think I will ever fully understand why the Lord allowed this to happen to me. I imagine He had several purposes. Ultimately He brought me into a community (Vineyard) who would encourage rather than condemn my experiences with the Lord. My husband is on the same journey and the Lord is doing awesome things in and through Him. I’m excited by the thought of growing together with believers in the spiritual gifts He has bestowed upon us.

  10. Thomas & Kathrin Meano

    Soul Breakthrough is an excellent, straightforward and anointed way to connect with The Holy Spirit of the Triune God, for any need we have in our lives.

  11. Jon-Paul Boyadjian

    I loved how practical, useful and educational this book was. It taught me what it’s like and what can happen when you partner with the Holy Spirit (from the Bible) to remove negative emotions, bad thought paterns, addictions and more and replace them with the TRUTH.

    This book is used like a workbook and has daily excercises and actions to do with the Holy Spirit throughout the day. So without “spilling the beans” about this incredible book the Lord asked Tricia to write, I can testify that after going through it, I no longer chew tobacco (over 20 years use). Buy the book. It will change your life if you apply the truth and exercises. I am doing them now to all other areas of my life that can use some spiritual mending!

  12. Paula J. Davis

    Beautifully written. My soul feels free and I’m so thankful for the tools.

    Love this book. Deeply insightful and truly freeing.

  13. Laurie-Jeanne Lister

    As a Music Professor two words I know well are “practice” and “patience.” Funny how I can teach that, yet not always see when I need it in my own life. My walk with the Holy Spirit has truly involved some remarkable miracles both in terms of physical healing and financial provision. But it is so easy (as with music) to fall into a rut of familiarity without even noticing it happening. Tricia Martin’s course, Soul Breakthrough, has popped me out of that rut. Indeed, I do need more “practice” when it comes to hearing God. I can’t hear if I don’t listen and Tricia’s daily exercises have helped me fine-tune my listening skills. The result is much more than my ability to hear God sooner now: it has changed my approach to the ups and downs of life, even unexpected emergencies. I am only 2 weeks in and I see a remarkable change, so I am more than excited to see how I continue to progress. Thank you, Tricia!

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