Carolyn Cardamis

I knew His name. I did not know His Presence. Then I attended the four classes of Soul Breakthrough that have changed my life & my relationship to God. My friend Nancy had repeatedly said it had changed her life.  Could it change mine?

I walked through the doors with the bits and pieces of trust and faith that had held my life together thus far. My unruly mind constantly told me I was nothing.  After years of therapy could four classes set me free?  I had nothing to lose.  I made a commitment to follow whatever the class assigned.

I was asked to choose an area of my life that needed healing.  I chose trust. The morning spiritual exercises were key to the success of the promise. I committed myself each morning. On awakening I immediately put my day & my mind into the hands of the Holy Spirit. I raise my right arm & pray, “Come Holy Spirit come & be in my mind with your thoughts & your ways.”


In the first two days of practicing, my hand was in the air half the time as I caught my mind going to thoughts of fear, anxiety and self-condemnation.  I immediately called on the Holy Spirit to help me with these thoughts. The physical gesture of raising my arm added to the power of my prayer.

Gradually over 2 to 3 weeks my hands did not go up in the air so often. My thoughts stayed focused & didn’t wander into the old patterns of self-hatred & rejection. I have had a renewal of my mind.

I can now gratefully say, I know His name and I know His Presence.



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