The Kingdom of Knon

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The Kingdom of Knon

The Kingdom of Knon Book Three

Bob takes Mike and Mari to an underwater kingdom in search of an important book that has been stolen.


The Kingdom of Knon

My husband and I have been scuba diving for over twenty-five years. At first diving was scary for me and so Mari, in this adventure, expresses many of my initial fears with breathing under water.

I also researched our solar system so that when the kids fly close to the rings of one planet they are accurately described from what I learned about the composition of the rings of Saturn.

Educational subjects to study with your child for The Kingdom of Knon: Study the oceans, oceanography and what is involved when someone chooses this field for their career. Study the different sea life that live in our oceans.

Study outer space and the rings of Saturn and the other planets that make up our solar system.

6 reviews for The Kingdom of Knon

  1. Heidi

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Kingdom of Knon tale. I highly recommend this book to both young and not so young (adult) readers. …enjoy reading the whole Old Tree series.

  2. Sheneau

    Tricia, uses stories to share valuable life lessons and underlying important values that kids must have to have successful lives today.

  3. Wendy Pollock

    The child in me enjoyed the story very much. It was so nice to take an adventure into this Kingdom for a little while!

  4. Da Kat

    As with all of Tricia’s books, this one is chalk full of allegory and very thought producing. I see a double parallel in this one, whether or not that was intended. On the one hand, it is talking about the supernatural realm, while on the other, I saw quite a bit of parallel to things our country is going through, politically as well as spiritually, at this time. When things are governed by the design of the original Designer, then fear is reduced, and peace is restored.

  5. Cheryl Thomas

    I love these books!!! They are great for children and teens and even adults! The stories are unique, quite imaginative and have a wonderful message!! You must read these books to find out for yourself! Enter the world of the Old Tree series for an entertaining and fascinating journey.

  6. Debbie

    I really enjoyed reading this book! It kept my interest! I recommend the whole series. Tricia Martin does a great job of keeping you involved in the story.

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