The Mild, Mild West

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The Mild, Mild West

The Mild, Mild West Book Four

Mike and Mari join an unusual creature from Bob’s realm and journey into a western world. They need to find a way to rescue young people that are being stolen from their families.


The Mild, Mild West

For this book my husband and I visited old ghost towns and I researched the accurate kind of vegetation, animal life and terrain in the region. My favorite characters were the quail. I took their appearance, features and habits from research on real quail. Of course, I haven’t met one that speaks yet…but I’m still hoping.

Did you know that at night quail will often nestle on the ground in a close-packed circle, with all the quail facing outward? They can watch for predators coming from every direction.

Educational subjects to study with your child for The Mild, Mild West: Study the Wild West history, old western ghost towns, a quail’s life and the vegetation, terrain & animal life around a western town. Contrast this with other areas on our planet and how different the animal life, terrain and vegetation is in each of these regions.

3 reviews for The Mild, Mild West

  1. Sheneau

    Tricia, uses stories to share valuable life lessons and underlying important values that kids must have to have successful lives today.

  2. Da Kat

    What an exciting adventure, and a very clever way to address this growing problem!! Truly, helping to fight evil and rescue people, regardless of what holds them captive, is a noble and worthy venture indeed!!

  3. Cheryl

    I love these books!!! They are great for children and teens and even adults! The stories are unique, quite imaginative and have a wonderful message!! You must read these books to find out for yourself! Enter the world of the Old Tree series for an entertaining and fascinating journey.
    Cheryl Thomas

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