One for All and All for One

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One for All and All for One

One for All and All for One Book Seven

All the worlds are on the verge of destruction. Bob asks Mike and Mari to journey back in time to solve this problem.


One for all

In preparing for this book, I studied the child­hood of Abraham Lincoln extensively in order to be accurate concerning his early years. He really loved books and even though they were scarce in his area, he eagerly read each one he found, over and over again, from cover to cover.

Educational subjects to study for One for All and All for One: Study Abraham Lincoln and his amazing impact on our nation. Also study the Presidents of the United States of America.

3 reviews for One for All and All for One

  1. Sheneau Stanley

    Tricia, uses stories to share valuable life lessons and underlying important values that kids must have to have successful lives today.

  2. Da Kat

    Another great adventure about being part of a team, stepping out to do something you have not done before, facing fears and how what we do in one realm often effects other realms. Helped me to see the seriousness of something like prayer and how even history might be completely altered by it. When God is involved in our lives, you never know what He might ask of us. Are we ready to step out and try something new and different? He says He will never leave us, yet He often seems to step out and then back into our most difficult scenarios about the time we think we are dust and not going to make it. Also a great lesson on the power of the authority that God gives us. We are no match for evil without it. But the darkest of times is often when it is hardest to think clearly. Perhaps that is why we need each other? …to help us remember what to do when fear rattles us.

  3. Cheryl Thomas

    I love these books!!! They are great for children and teens and even adults! The stories are unique, quite imaginative and have a wonderful message!! You must read these books to find out for yourself! Enter the world of the Old Tree series for an entertaining and fascinating journey.

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