The Land of Bizia

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The Land of Bizia

The Old Tree Series Book Two

Mike and Mari find themselves in a world that is on the verge of destroying itself through busyness. With the help of their loving and powerful friend, Bob, they bring the people of Bizia back to the values and peace they once knew.

The Land of Bizia

I wrote this book in reaction to how busy our lives have become. From time to time, I think we need to slow down and smell the flowers along the path of life with our friends and family.

Educational subjects to study for The Land of Bizia: Talk with your child about the importance of relationships between husbands and wives and their children. Also discuss the value of friends, relatives like grand-parents and church family too.

7 reviews for The Land of Bizia

  1. Alicia F.

    The Old Tree series is a portal into a kingdom where courage, hope and the promise of a new day reminds one of love’s enduring presence.

  2. Sheneau Stanley

    Tricia, uses stories to share valuable life lessons and underlying important values that kids must have to have successful lives today.

  3. Da Kat

    I am sooo enjoying these adventures! This second book takes us to land where actions and distractions have captured some of the Bizians causing them to lose their relationships, meaningful activities, joy and peace. And the other half of the Bizians have been taken out of commission and held frozen in inactivity and nightmarish sleep. The children must face their fears and trust in Bob to help them to seek out and help set free the others being held captive by the enemy’s lies. Being I live in a busy city, with intense traffic and endless activities, while at the same time, know a lot of people frozen in fear because of overwhelming situations and difficulties, this book brings helpful insight from all angles!

  4. Debbie

    I really enjoyed reading this book! It kept my interest! I recommend the whole series. Tricia Martin does a great job of keeping you involved in the story.

  5. Heidi

    Be aware reader, when you open the pages of this book, you will find yourself immersed in an unusual world. …enjoy the journey – I did. I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

  6. Diane Millar

    This book is a must read! I couldn’t put it down until I finished the last page. The message in the book was truly inspirational. I really enjoy how
    Tricia takes you on a journey that reflects true life experiences and how God can be at center of those experiences if you allow Him.
    Enjoy the journey!

  7. Desi d’Amani

    In Tricia Martin’s The Land of Bizia, Mike and Mari find themselves amidst a buzz of Bizians who have forgotten how to find pleasure in life because they are simply too busy being busy. Life is like a dream that passes by in a moment when one is unaware of the hows and whys of the way they do what they do, learned behavior makes the Bizians busy, and busyness is like an elixir that might put one to sleep. Be careful when reading The Land of Bizia, for you too might be challenged to look at the own busyness of your life and ask yourself the question, “Am I awake? Am I asleep? Am I bizilly letting the busyness of life cause life to pass me by?” The Land of Bizia is a reminder to children and to the child at heart to pause for moments, to remember the why we are here and that it isn’t just to be Bizy.

    The Land of Bizia is a very quick and easy read, and challenged me personally to allow myself moments to sit back, breathe, and enjoy the sweeter things instead of letting them pass me by.

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