The Old Tree

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The Old Tree

The Old Tree Book One

Mike is bored with his summer vacation. He meets a new neighbor, Mari, and together they step through an unusual tree and journey to another realm with a loving and powerful new friend. When they return home, they find a battle raging and their young lives are changed forever.


The Old Tree

I wrote this book with a passion to reveal the love, kindness, personal friendship and fun we can realize with Jesus. I also wanted a way to show children what Jesus did for us by dying on the cross and then being raised from the dead by His Father.

4 reviews for The Old Tree

  1. Laurel A Basbas Ph.D.

    Tricia Martin’s enlightening little book, “The Old Tree” is a delightful, spirited adventure with enchanting, lovable characters and a spiritually uplifting message. It is edu-tainment (education and entertainment) to be enjoyed by youngsters and by those wise enough to be young at heart. It is an invitation to color outside the lines, to see into the invisible, and to grow much larger and much smaller (as Alice in Wonderland would tell you) all in the same story. Tricia’s tale entreats you to enjoy the realm of the impossibly possible! I for one, enjoyed the ride.

  2. R. Gutierrez

    The Old Tree is a portal into a kingdom where courage, hope and the promise of a new day reminds one of love’s enduring presence.

  3. Desi d’Amani

    Enter the world of imagination, intrigue, and adventure! Whether young or younger still the Old Tree is a door into an adventure where life isn’t always as it appears to be and lessons are learned through overcoming. This book invites children to explore how decisions affect the world around and beyond them and it allows the childlike to re-embrace the realities of the once real but forgotten invisible realm. Step through the door into an adventure that will cause you to rethink the world as you once perceived it. The Old Tree Series may very well be like a Chronicles of Narnia for this generation.

  4. Amanda

    What a wonderful book! It is an imaginative and exiting adventure for kids to read that is interwoven with profound truth. It leaves the reader feeling strong, courageous and victorious!

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